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Event Aggregator Using the Magnum Pipeline

In the past few weeks, both Udi Dahan and Jeremy D. Miller have posted on events. Udi posted about domain events, while Jeremy posted about his use of the event aggregator pattern in StoryTeller. In each case, events are represented … Continue reading 

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Accessing ActiveMQ on Mac OSX from a Windows VM

With MassTransit, we support multiple messaging transports, including MSMQ (comes with Windows), ActiveMQ (an open-source Java message broker), and TIBCO EMS (a not-so-open-source message broker). With that in mind, teams building on the Windows platform can comfortably choose MSMQ and … Continue reading 

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I’m a Microsoft C# MVP!

Opening my Inbox this morning resulted in a pleasant surprise from Microsoft. I have been presented with the 2009 Microsoft® MVP Award as a recognition for sharing my expertise in Visual C# with others. It is an honor to be … Continue reading 

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