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Building A Service Gateway Using MassTransit, Part 1

This post is the first in a series on building a highly available service gateway. The implementation will be built in C# using MassTransit, StructureMap, ASP.NET MVC, and NHibernate. Introduction A common way of applying a messaging solution to an … Continue reading 


Performance Counters Added to MassTransit

One feature that is often overlooked in software development is the output of information that can be observed by operations once the application is in production. Fortunately, many open source projects are leveraging log4net to provide a configurable level of … Continue reading 

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Interface Subscriptions Now Supported by MassTransit

Last year when we were reviewing the backlog of items that we wanted to build for MassTransit, one item that kept rising to the top of the list is a solid story for evolving message producers over the lifecycle of … Continue reading 

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Under the Covers with MassTransit Endpoints

This post details some of the internal changes to how MassTransit, an open-source lightweight service bus, communicates with transports such as MSMQ, ActiveMQ, and TIBCO. These changes are not likely to impact anyone using MassTransit, they are all well below … Continue reading 

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Accessing ActiveMQ on Mac OSX from a Windows VM

With MassTransit, we support multiple messaging transports, including MSMQ (comes with Windows), ActiveMQ (an open-source Java message broker), and TIBCO EMS (a not-so-open-source message broker). With that in mind, teams building on the Windows platform can comfortably choose MSMQ and … Continue reading 

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Presenting on Event Driven Architecture and MassTransit

Event Driven Architecture Business applications no longer exist as isolated systems. In order to provide integrated solutions that add business value, applications must be connected. Modern approaches for enterprise application integration (EAI) such as Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) separate applications … Continue reading 

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MassTransit Now Speaks XML By Default

Last night, I made a major update to the trunk of MassTransit that changes the default message format from binary to XML. Since the first drop of MassTransit, the default format for messages was binary. This had several advantages, one … Continue reading 

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State Machine for Managing Sagas

MassTransit supports sagas, which are long-lived transactions consisting of multiple events. The saga support makes it easy to orchestrate the events into a process, but it doesn’t do much to help with state management. Since state management is fairly common, … Continue reading 

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MassTransit 0.3 Released

Download MassTransit 0.3 Here Last night, Dru and I released version 0.3 of MassTransit. This is a pretty hefty milestone release with a lot of new functionality. I’m going to run down a list of some of the new features … Continue reading 

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MassTransit 0.2 Now Available

We’ve dropped a new release of MassTransit today, version 0.2 is now available on the main page. There are several new features included in this release. It was great to get some feedback from people who have tried MassTransit, along … Continue reading 

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