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Next Europe VAN – 25th February 2009

After a bit of discussion Jan and I have decided that for now it seems to make sense to run the Europe VAN every two weeks, we have discussed having more open discussions on alternate weeks but we’ll have to … Continue reading 

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Europe VAN – DDD with Greg Young (9th February)

The delayed first E-VAN is on now with Greg Young, discussing DDD and CQS. The URL is: (Live Meeting). NOTE: This one was a success and Greg did a superb job explaining DDD and messaging, really enjoyable stuff.

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P&P Guidance – Positive Progress

I put up a post a while back about the P&P REST guidance which I considered to be quite flawed. The reaction from the P&P team was superb and Greg Young, Sebastien Lambla and myself immediately got involved in an … Continue reading 

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First Europe VAN – Epic Fail

The first Europe VAN went off without a hitch and was an amazing success. Ha, yeah sorry about that. Good news is next one is BOUND to be better and we are trying again very soon. Next time we’ll come … Continue reading 

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First Europe VAN

Just a reminder that the first Europe VAN is tomorrow: Start Time: Monday, Feb 02, 2009 7:00 PM GMT End Time: Monday, Feb 02, 2009 09:00 PM GMT Attendee URL: (Live Meeting) Greg Young has been kind enough to … Continue reading 

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P&P – Web Service with REST Application Pattern

It was interesting that all the fuss over Oxite had a positive impact. Unfortunately Microsoft are also now giving us their views on REST (WCF REST starter kit, argh) and more recently REST with a domain model in Two-Tier Service … Continue reading 

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Microsoft Forum – Creating a new community anti-pattern

I’ve recently had reason to ask questions on the Oslo and WCF forums and in both cases my posts got responses quickly (which is more than can be said for the WCF REST starter kit forum which is dead as … Continue reading 

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SOA Principles of Service Design

I’ve been learning a lot more about SOA and REST recently and so have been doing a lot of reading including SOA Principles of Service Design and I thought I should write a short review. Short version, this is one … Continue reading 

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BDD and Parameterized testing

Although I really like Astels style BDD still use a lot of parameterized testing and though I should give you an example why, using Lets say we’re testing simple SPECIFICATION style rules, in BDD we might write: [Concerning(typeof(ValidEmailRule<TestEntity>))]public class When_using_rule_on_a_null_string : … Continue reading 

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BDD – Available Frameworks

I’ve been using the Astels style of BDD for a while now but so far I’ve just done it using MSTest/NUnit and a few custom base classes. I think that’s a good way to start out, as with so many … Continue reading 

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