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Biztalk and WCF – When two big beasts collide

I spent the entirety of last week trying to create a ridiculously simple Biztalk orchestration and trying to get it to talk to a simple WCF service and I thought I should describe what I “learned”. Biztalk If you follow … Continue reading 

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BDD – Files/Folders/Namespaces (BDD)

Files/FoldersOne thing that can be troublesome when moving to a BDD style approach is how to organize your files and folders, so far I’ve tried two approaches: One class in each file – So if you have When_associating_an_order_with_a_customer and When_associating_an_order_with_a_preferred_customer then … Continue reading 

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DDD – Making meaningful relationships

A recent discussion on the DDD forum made me want to post about what I consider to be an under-appreciated aspect of domain modelling, namely relationships. In the thread Randy Stafford said the following: Note that RoleRegistration is an example … Continue reading 

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What I want from an ORM

Thought I’d blog about some of the things I’d like to see in an ORM in the future, particularly to support DDD cleanly: No enforced associations – I never want to create an association in the model just to support … Continue reading 

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DDD and Complexity

There have been some interesting and entirely valid discussions on Twitter about the validity of DDD and about deciding when its useful and when its too complex (including good comments from Casey Charlton and Jimmy Bogard). I full agree with … Continue reading 

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