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Open Source Documentation

Recently I’ve set up a network attached storage computer on my home network. As well as providing RAID storage for all the devices in the house, it acts as a central download server for everyone to use. Key to this … Continue reading 

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Common Interfaces for Tool Families

There are a load of different tool “families” in use in the .NET ecosystem which I’m sure LosTechies readers will take advantage of pretty much every day. IoC containers. Logging infrastructures. URL routing mechanisms. Each of these families operate on … Continue reading 

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Application Configuration

I had cause to recently revisit an old ASP.NET application I’d written way back when I was a development newcomer. Digging around the web.config I found the appSettings section: <appSettings> <add key=”systemEmailAddress” value=”” /> <add key=”adminEmailAddress” value=”” /> <add key=”templateDirectory” … Continue reading 

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