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Your Development Environment

When I first started working in “the real world”, I had a development environment which I’d describe as typical: average Dell computer and peripherals, one monitor, Windows XP with all my applications installed, including VS2003 and VS2005. I’m sure Last … Continue reading 

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Design Dithering

When you break out of the “new programmer” mindset and begin thinking in terms of organisation, patterns, and good design, I think there’s a real danger of hitting a development wall. What actually is the correct way of implementing a … Continue reading 

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Javascript Patterns & Practices

My previous post on Javascript gave an insight into using the language in a more structured manner than you may have been used to in the past. I’m going to talk about a few more methods which I use a … Continue reading 

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You Have Nothing To Fear From Javascript

Building a web application consists of a number of discrete layers: server code, client code, HTML, and styling. If you cannot sit down with one of those layers and work on it, you are not fulfilling your role. If I … Continue reading 

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Working with Interfaces Part Three – Windsor

Castle Windsor is an Inversion of Control container which uses interfaces as a key concept. When working in the manner I described in my previous articles on interfaces, you get a decoupled application but may end up with a lot … Continue reading 

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Working with Interfaces Part Two – Decoupling

In the first part of this mini-series I talked about the basic use of interfaces, which is to provide a contract for your developers to work to. In this part, I’m going to try and demonstrate how interfaces can be … Continue reading 

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DISCLAIMER: This post was inspired by, and contains material from, a recent post on my personal blog entitled “Abandon ALT.NET“. For a few months the term “ALT.NET” has been gaining traction on the blogs I read, starting from a post by … Continue reading 

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Working with Interfaces Part One – Contracts

I hold my hands up – I am a programmer who doesn’t have a computer science background. My education only skimmed programming and was totally bereft of any architectural considerations. I almost stumbled into my first programming job, and I … Continue reading 

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Coding C# in Style

I admit it; I’ve got problems. I get itchy when my code isn’t arranged in the right order, I get the shakes when I open a file and see code sprawling all over the place, I get nervous when my … Continue reading 

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