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Configuring Fluent NHibernate with an External NHibernate Config File

A while ago I was having issues using configuring fluent NHibernate with an external configuration file. I kept running into the issue of mappings not being registered. I was finally able to get it working appropriately and thought I would … Continue reading 

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How to Configure Selenium RC for Use In C# NUnit Tests

When I set about integrating Selenium into my test suites, I found all the information I needed to do that with but had to hunt and peck through my google searches to find it.  So, as a point of reference, … Continue reading 

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Application Configuration

I had cause to recently revisit an old ASP.NET application I’d written way back when I was a development newcomer. Digging around the web.config I found the appSettings section: <appSettings> <add key=”systemEmailAddress” value=”” /> <add key=”adminEmailAddress” value=”” /> <add key=”templateDirectory” … Continue reading