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New Location for ReSharper Shortcut for Context-Sensitive Unit-Test Running

If you liked my tip for mapping a keyboard shortcut to the ReSharper Shortcut for Context-Sensitive Unit-Test Running, you’ll want to know that the name of that command is different in ReSharper 6. The context-sensitive test runner command is: ReSharper.ReSharper_ReSharper_UnitTest_RunContext … Continue reading 


ReSharper Shortcut for Context-Sensitive Unit-Test Running

For a keyboard shortcut to the context-sensitive ReSharper unit test runner (otherwise available via right-click > Run Unit Tests), map: ReSharper.ReSharper_UnitTest_ContextRun Edit: In ReSharper 6, this has moved. It is now ReSharper.ReSharper_ReSharper_UnitTest_RunContext.(Note the extra ReSharper in there; that’s not a … Continue reading 

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Using Vim As Your C# Code Editor From Visual Studio

No, not through ViEmu or VsVim… I mean, actual honest to goodness Vim. I’ve been working with Ruby for a not quite a year now (though, not much recently) and in that time I’ve tried a lot of editors and … Continue reading 


I Want Assert.NotYetImplemented(); In .NET Test Frameworks

One of my coworkers recently tweeted this: I do that a lot with c# and nunit. It helps me to figure out where I need to go, what tests are going to be organized where, etc. I certainly don’t expect … Continue reading 


Step by Step to Using MSpec (Machine.Specifications) with ReSharper

Whilst researching using MSpec with ReSharper I found it difficult to find all the resources I needed in one place. This is an attempt to condense everything into that one place and facilitate those seeking to accomplish the same task. … Continue reading 

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Updated TDD Productivity Plug-in for Resharper

  I first want to thank JetBrains for being pretty awesome.  I have complained a lot about how they are constantly chaining their APIs to Resharper and as a result it makes keeping plugins very hard to maintain but they … Continue reading 


Simple Code Navigation with ReSharper

Here’s a quick 5 minute screen cast that demonstrates how you can use ReSharper to get where you want to be in your code. If you haven’t tried ReSharper yet, I highly recommend that you download the free trial and … Continue reading 

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Resharper templates: Don’t forget the Macros

I use Resharper templates (among other features) on a daily basis.  Most of them create very small pieces of code that I use VERY frequently.  For instance, I have a set of templates that help me build out my test … Continue reading 

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My Current BDD / SpecUnit Live Templates

UPDATE 3-30-2009: FYI, I’ve made a few minor updates to my templates. They are now a little more intelligent – the “spec” templates automatically inherits from the parent spec file’s superclass, and all of the templates now have more intelligent … Continue reading 

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Organizing BDD Context/Specs For Findability

Finding Classes With Resharper It’s no secret that I’m a huge fan of Resharper. It rocks. I don’t like to code without it. One of the many features that I love is the Ctl-N shortcut to find a class. Resharper … Continue reading 

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