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Castle MicroKernel Fluent Event Wiring

The Castle MicroKernel Registration API is also used in Windsor, and both have a facility to allow a components to subscribe to events exposed by each other. Right now, the only way to use the fluent API to configure the … Continue reading 

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From Windsor XML to Binsor In 4 Hours

I’m getting ready to take a break from my current project and switch gears for a little while, but there were a number of “clean up” type tasks I wanted to do before I wrapped things up.  One of the … Continue reading 


MonoRail HotSwap

Ayende (pronounced A-yend  (no eh at the end) – verified in this post after hearing Colin pronounce it) posted on an idea he has – MonoRail HotSwap and Colin Ramsay did a screencast of MonoRail HotSwap.  I know that the … Continue reading