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Unity: The Static Factory Extension

The Unity Inversion of Control container comes with an extension called the StaticFactoryExtension. The purpose of this extension is to add the ability to register types within the container while deferring the instantiation of the type to a factory method. … Continue reading 

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Convention-based Registration Extension for Unity

Inspired by Jeremy Miller’s presentation of StructureMap’s convention-based type registration at this week’s Austin .Net User’s Group, I set out to create a convention-based type registration extension for the Unity container. For those unfamiliar with the convention-based approach to type … Continue reading 

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Implementing INotifyProperyChanged with Unity Interception

Inspired by Sebastien Lambla’s post, Implementing INotifyPropertyChanged with DynamicProxy2, I decided to provide an example of how INotifyPropertyChanged can be implemented using Unity’s new interception capabilities. Prolegomena While not necessary for using the Unity container, some may find a basic … Continue reading 

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