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Quality Must Be Built In – It Cannot Be Added On

Quality must be built in, it cannot be added on. … well, ok. I’ll admit that it’s not entirely true. If you don’t mind spending exorbitant amounts of money doing rework, causing projects to be late and over budget, and … Continue reading 

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Closures in C#: Variable Scoping and Value Types vs Reference Types

I read Sergio’s post on “Javascript, time to grok closures” today and it was very enlightening. Overall, it helped me to understand closures more than I previously had – not just in Javascript, though. I put together a quick sample … Continue reading 

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“One Team, One Aim”. It’s All About The Journey, Not The Goal

I heard the phrase “one team, one aim” while listening to the audio book version of “Extreme Toyota”. This is a phrase that marks part of the core philosophies of Toyota, according to the book. There are many different philosophies … Continue reading 

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BDD Question: Low Level Behavior And Wrapper Methods?

I have a service object with an interface explicitly defined for it. I like this because it let’s me unit test the things that need the service without having to worry about the implementation detail of the actual service. public … Continue reading 

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Proactive vs Reactive Validation: Don’t We Need Both?

Update: There’s a wealth of knowledge out there that I just haven’t been aware of until now. Thanks to the many commenters of this post, other posts, and other conversations for the links and info. Here is a list of … Continue reading 

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It’s 2 For 1 day! Welcome Louis And Sean!

This weekend, I was given the honor of inviting both Louis Salin and Sean Biefeld to be a part of the Los Techies crew. Louis has previously been blogging over at and is active in the Twitter universe. He has been one of … Continue reading 

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SOLID Development Principles – In Motivational Pictures

I found the Motivator this morning. It lets you create your own motivational pictures. So, here’s my first run at creating the SOLID software development principles in motivational picture form. I ‘borrowed’ the images from google image search results. I … Continue reading 

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Why ‘Should Attach View To Presenter’ Is An Invalid Unit Test / Observation.

I’ve written a lot of specification tests like this in the last three years, from a UI / Workflow perspective, with Model-View-Presenter as my core UI architecture: [TestFixture] public class When_starting_some_process() {   IMyView view; MyPresenter presenter;   [Setup] public … Continue reading 

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Getting Your Selected Object From A Telerik MultiColumnComboBox

Wow! I’m actually writing code! :) I thought this little snippet would be useful for anyone that is binding a custom collection of objects to a Telerik MultiColumnComboBox. If you want to get the selected item as your actual class … Continue reading 

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