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Your [type of framework / tool] Choice is Not a Feature of Your Application

Tim Barcz posted a great article on how the specific choice of an IoC container doesn’t really mean much in the grand scheme of the application. This line, at the bottom of the post, really sums it up for me: … Continue reading 

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Why “No Issues” Is Not An Acceptable Answer

Many of the software development teams at my company now practice the daily standup from Scrum project management. There’s a lot of great value in these meetings, even if a team is not practicing anything else from Scrum. The Anti-Pattern … Continue reading 

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The Emergence Of Knowledge In Software Development

At this point in my career, I’m convinced that software development is an empirical process. That is, we cannot predict the exact shape, size, complexity, … or any of a number of other properties … of the software that we … Continue reading 

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A Real Measure Of Your Core Values And Principles

How a person behaves during the positive times and upswings in life is not a good indicator of that person’s values and principles. Find a person in a difficult time, a low point in their life – someone who has … Continue reading 

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My Current BDD / SpecUnit Live Templates

UPDATE 3-30-2009: FYI, I’ve made a few minor updates to my templates. They are now a little more intelligent – the “spec” templates automatically inherits from the parent spec file’s superclass, and all of the templates now have more intelligent … Continue reading 

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It’s All About The Benjamins, Baby.

Puff Daddy got it right. No, I don’t mean having money and wealth. Never mind the actual lyrical content or intentions of those lyrics in this song. The title alone tells us everything we need to know about justifying anything … Continue reading 

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Book Review: The Art of Lean Software Development

The Art of Lean Software Development This is an admittedly short book at only 122 pages. The authors felt that there was a need to have an introductory offering into the world of Lean and Agile methodologies, and have done … Continue reading 

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