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Announcing Pablo’s E-Books! Book #1: Pablo’s SOLID Software Development

Hello World! I’m happy to announce the first Los Techies compiled, Pablo endorsed, E-Book: Pablo’s SOLID Software Development “S.O.L.I.D. is a collection of best-practice object-oriented design principles that you can apply to your design to accomplish various desirable goals like … Continue reading 

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Result<T>: Directing Workflow With A Return Status And Value

I often code user interfaces that have some sort of cancel button on them. For example, in my upcoming ‘Decoupling Workflow’ presentation, I have the following screen: Notice the nice cancel button on the form. The trick to this situation … Continue reading 

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A .NET (C#) Developer’s .gitignore File

As a recent convert to the awesomeness that is git (my current flavor is msysgit), I find myself continuously needing to update the .gitignore file that I copy and paste between my repositories. Here’s what my ignore file currently contains: … Continue reading 

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I’m Presenting At Austin Code Camp 2009

As Chad so eloquently stated, this year’s AustinCodeCamp really is going to be better than bacon! And I feel honored to be one of the better than bacon speakers at this year’s event. I’m delivering two presentations: The SOLID presentation … Continue reading 

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Balsamiq And A Sneak Preview Of My ‘Decoupling Workflow’ Presentation

I know I’m late jumping on this bandwagon, but it’s better late than never, right? :) I decided to try out the Balsamiq Mockups tool while working on my sample application for the ‘Decoupling Workflow from Forms’ presentation that I’m … Continue reading 

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FluentNHibernate Contrib (FNH.Contrib) Is Alive!

A few months ago, a coworker created a set of extension methods to turn NHibernate’s Criteria API into a more fluenty, strongly typed API. We’ve been using it in a production app for a few months, and I wanted to … Continue reading 

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