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How To? Highly Complex Query Generating Based On Security Needs

I have the following object model:   An Office belongs to one Office Group. An Office also belongs to one Office Region. There is no relationship between Office Group and Office Region. They are two separate groupings for various reasons. … Continue reading 

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Cloning Or Converting Linux VM From VMWare Workstation To ESX Server: ETH0 Gone. ETH1 Available?

I ran into a fun situation yesterday. I downloaded a virtual appliance for the Agilo Trac Plugin (which, if you’re a Trac user and trying to do sprints or iterations with it, you need to get this. It’s free and … Continue reading 

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A Kanban Is Just A Signal To Do Work

A kanban is a signal to do something. I don’t think kanban implies a pull-based system, honestly. Joe Ocampo showed it best in his Scrumban presentation at Austin Code Camp: That’s not a signal to pull anything… it’s a signal … Continue reading 

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I’m Presenting SOLID At North Dallas .NET (NDDNUG), July 8th

On Wednesday, July 8th, I’m scheduled to give my SOLID presentation at NDDNUG, up in Plano, TX. I don’t know if anyone up there remembers me, but NDDNUG was the first user group that I ever went to. I worked … Continue reading 

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The Impact of Staffing Practices on Software Quality and Productivity

A Junior-Heavy Organization Companies tend to staff various teams with an experience level of employees that have a very junior heavy bias. That is, for every person with senior level experience in the organization, there tend to be multiple mid … Continue reading 

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Violating CQS. Looking For Suggestions And Alternatives.

When doing simple input validation on forms, I often end up writing a lot of code like this: public void SaveRequested() { bool descriptionIsValid = ValidateDescription(); bool abbreviationIsValid = ValidateAbbreviation(); bool isValid = (descriptionIsValid && abbreviationIsValid); if (isValid) { VisitType … Continue reading 

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I’m Presenting SOLID At AlamoCoders On June 9th

I may be jumping the gun a bit, since it’s not posted on the AlamoCoders site, yet. :) The AlamoCoders site has been updated to show my presentation. Please note that there is a different start time than usual – … Continue reading 

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Austin Code Camp 2009 Was A Ton-O-Fun!

First and foremost – thanks to John Teague and Eric Hexter for organizing such a great event. It was as good, if not better than any of the previous Code Camps. The content was tremendous, the speakers were great, the … Continue reading 

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