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Branch-Per-Feature Source Control. Part 2: How (Theory)

In the first part of my Branch-Per-Feature (BPF) series, I talked about why you would want to use a source control strategy like BPF – what circumstances would warrant such a strategy, what problems it solves, and a little bit … Continue reading 

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Branch-Per-Feature Source Control. Part 1: Why

Several years ago, I started using source control systems to store all of my code. It was a life saver. I was no longer worried about losing changes that I had made. Then a few years ago, I found Subversion. … Continue reading 

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Branch-Per-Feature Source Control. Introduction

Update: I have used the term ‘branch-per-feature’ very loosely until recently. It was a catchy name, easy to remember, and got the point across. However, this is only one example of what is really a branching strategy.  A branching strategy … Continue reading 

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Storage Size And Performance Implications Of A GUID PK

I sent the same Guid vs. Int. vs BigInt question to a group of coworkers yesterday. One of the responses I got was from a DBA, and I thought was worth repeating for the world to hear. Keep in mind … Continue reading 

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Database ID: Int vs. BigInt vs. GUID

I’ve been hearing a lot of talk about using a GUID as a database row ID, in recent months… last night I was talking with Jeffrey Palermo about this, specifically, and he brought up some interesting points about decoupling the … Continue reading 

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Kanban Is Process Control, Not A Process For Adding Value To WIP

There’s some very interesting conversation on Chris McMahon’s blog titled “against kanban”. In general, I don’t agree with what he is saying. I think that he is largely basing his current opinion on some misguided “expert” opinions rather than doing … Continue reading 

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Theory Of Constraints: Productivity Metrics in Software Development

In the past, I’ve been a true believer that software development is not really possible to measure from a productivity perspective. I was ignorant, basically. I’m now a bit wiser and I understand that software development is no different than … Continue reading 

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