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Albacore AssemblyInfo Task vs. Nant Assembly Info Generator

Here’s one of the reasons I like Rake and my custom Rake tasks that I’m building into Albacore, so much. To generate some assembly information such as version, company name, copyright, etc., you need to do this with nant: 1: … Continue reading 

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Albacore: A Suite Of Rake Build Tasks For .NET Solutions

After my previous post on building a “real” rake task, I decided to dive in head first and learn how to get this stuff done. I chose to drive the tasks out via rspec, through a TDD process, and I … Continue reading 

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Help! E-Text Editor Can’t Run My Rake Tasks…

I downloaded the E-Text Editor to work with my ruby / rake stuff, because it’s a great editor and because it supports all of the TextMate bundles. The idea is that I should be able to run all of my … Continue reading 

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An Alternate Way To Handle Task Dependencies In Custom Rake Tasks

Earlier today, I showed how to create a custom Rake task from the base TaskLib, so that we can use more than just simple “task :name” syntax for our rake tasks. In that example, I showed how to add explicit … Continue reading 

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A Failed Opportunity To Coach, Teach, And Help Others Improve

A colleague in the nation of Pablo-The-Donkey asked a question on the LosTechies private mailing list: “Has anyone had experience with bringing agile into a workplace that has legacy code that hurts to touch, let alone wrap tests around and … Continue reading 

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How A .NET Developer Hacked Out A Rake Task

I spent the last two days having my brain melted by Scott Bellware, in a crash course on Ruby, Rake, RSpec, Selenium, web UI test automation best practices, and all-around uber-normal-person-language-oriented development. It was great! After the first 7 hour … Continue reading 

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A Coworker’s Response To The Future Of The Boutique Software Shop

Sean Biefeld forwarded a link to Michael Feather’s Thoughts on the Future of the Boutique Software Shop earlier today and it sparked some interesting conversations at the office, via email. One response from a coworker (Robert O’Neil, who doesn’t have … Continue reading 

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Some Initial Thoughts On Agile Developer Skills And Certification

There’s a new mailing list over on Google Groups surrounding the ideas behind Agile Developer Skills Certification. After reading this post by Ron Jeffries, I joined up with the group and started reading the traffic. I generally share the same … Continue reading 

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What Do You Want To Know, About Kanban In Software Development?

I asked this question via Twitter a few minutes ago, and wanted to ask the non-twittering inter-web-o-blog-reading public: if I were to do an Intro To Kanban presentation for your team/company/local-user-group, what questions would you want answered? Let me know … Continue reading 

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A Kanban Board Is A Production Leveling Task Board

In the lean manufacturing world heijunka – production leveling – “is a technique for reducing the mura waste and vital to the development of production efficiency […]. The general idea is to produce intermediate goods at a constant rate, to … Continue reading 

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