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Find And Replace With Regular Expressions In Vim / ViEmu

Here’s another entry in my how-i-saved-a-few-hundred-keystrokes blog posts on using Vim / ViEmu with Visual Studio.   The Code That Needs To Change I’ve got a data access method that is mapping around 50 fields into an object from a … Continue reading 

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Why I Write Automated Tests For My Code

I started my journey of unit testing my code about 4 years ago… I had played with nunit prior to that, but I never understood the point and would delete my tests after I got them to pass… that was … Continue reading 

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LosTechies Welcomes Derek Greer!

A former coworker and good friend of mine, Derek Greer, has joined up with the LosTechies crew. He previously lived and worked in the Austin, TX area where I had the good fortune to meet him and hire him on … Continue reading 

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Red/Green/Refactor, For The Right Reasons

First, let me say this: WHAAaa???? something useful occurred on Google Buzz?! :) Ok, now that I’ve got that over with… there was a useful stream of comments over on the extended twitter reply network from one of my tweets … Continue reading 

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Law Of Demeter: Extension Methods Don’t Count

We all know the Law of Demeter, right? It’s the principle that says “don’t let the paperboy reach into your wallet when he wants to be paid. It’s your wallet, you decide what form of payment and how much without … Continue reading 

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I Want Assert.NotYetImplemented(); In .NET Test Frameworks

One of my coworkers recently tweeted this: I do that a lot with c# and nunit. It helps me to figure out where I need to go, what tests are going to be organized where, etc. I certainly don’t expect … Continue reading 

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Eliminating Repetitious Coding With Vim / ViEmu And Macros

Anyone that has been following me on twitter recently is probably aware that I’ve been trying to learn Vim and ViEmu for Visual Studio. It’s been a very slow, somewhat painful learning process, but I think it is finally starting … Continue reading 

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Running Ruby And Rake (and albacore) Without Installing Them

One of the more frequent complaints that I’ve heard about using Ruby and Rake to build .NET systems is that you have to install yet another framework and learn yet another language to be able to use it. In a … Continue reading 

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Swashbuckling Tentacles

Surrounded by the wriggling tentacles of the beast that had attached itself to the ship, Ed – the lone surviving member of the ship’s crew – brandishes he sword and lunges toward the nearest of the appendages. With a cry … Continue reading 

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.NET Stack Traces And Anonymous Methods

I learned a little more about stack traces in .NET today… in a very painful manner… but, lesson learned! Hopefully someone else will be able to learn this lesson without having to spend 4 hours on it like I did. … Continue reading 

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