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Albacore, Albacore, Albacore

A lot of things are happening with Albacore in the next weeks, so I thought I would share with the world:   CODE Magazine My 2nd CODE Magazine article is out now, and it’s an introduction to Ruby, Rake and … Continue reading 

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DRY Violations May Indicate A Missed Modeling Opportunity

In a previous blog post, I talked about some potential options for modeling an “item selected” event and a “item de-selected” event. In that post, I suggested a couple of options and stated which one I thought was the right … Continue reading 

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My #LSSC10 Presentation And Experience: “Assumptions Are Risks We Have Accepted”

During the 2nd day’s keynote speech at the Lean Software & Systems Conference (#LSSC10), Bob Charette had the title quote of this post in his slides and his speech. There’s no better way to learn a principle like this than … Continue reading 

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Lean Software & Systems Conference 2010 (#LSSC10) Review

Last week I attended (and presented at) the Lean Software & Systems Conference in Atlanta and it was well worth the trip! Everything from the keynote speakers to the individual sessions, from the hotel accommodations to the conference rooms, was … Continue reading 

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Using Vim As Your C# Code Editor From Visual Studio

No, not through ViEmu or VsVim… I mean, actual honest to goodness Vim. I’ve been working with Ruby for a not quite a year now (though, not much recently) and in that time I’ve tried a lot of editors and … Continue reading 

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Expressive Code: Good Variable Names Instead Of Magic Values And Calculations

I like to remind myself of these little principles that I take for granted, now and then. It’s good habit to get back to basics and really understand why you hold principles so that you can judge whether or not … Continue reading 

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Resource Usage: IoC Containers And Large Object Graphs

In my about adding request/reply to the app controller, I talked about some resource usage problems that IoC containers can introduce if they are not used properly. Here’s that original text, again: In a system that makes heavy use of … Continue reading 

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Partial Book Review: Beautiful Teams.

A long time ago I received a copy of the book Beautiful Teams for review – actually, it’s been over a year ago, now. I started reading the book immediately when I received it and got through 80 of the … Continue reading 

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Form Management: Tight Or Incorrect Coupling Can Cause Hard To Find Bugs

A coworker and I ran into this code in some of our WinForms in our Compact Framework (.net 3.5) application: 1: public class LaunchForm: Form 2: { 3: //a bunch of other form/view related stuff 4:  5: private void Login() … Continue reading 

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All Solved Problems Are Easy

I wanted to post a witty retort to something I saw on a website today. I wanted to write about how the people experiencing a particular problem were just doing it wrong and explain how simple this thing really was … Continue reading 

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