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Vim+Grep: Find All Occurrences Of Text In Your Project

I’m in the middle of some sweeping changes in albacore – changing the .path_to_command property to .command for all of the tasks that run an external tool. The core of the change is easy. I have a RunCommand module that … Continue reading 

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Build Tools Roundup For .NET Systems

It seems there is not shortage of build tools that are available for the .NET developer these days. Of course I’m quite partial to the Ruby + Rake + Albacore solution, being the big tuna behind albacore and all… but … Continue reading 

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Trying To Get Vim Intellisense Working. Help?!

Setup: I’m running Windows 7 x64 with gVim installed. I have Visual Studio 2008 and 2010 installed, and am trying to get vim intellisense up and running. This plugin provides intellisense features for languages such as C#, C++, Java, and … Continue reading 

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Rhino Mocks: Recursion And Multiple Return Values From Stubs

A coworker and I were recently working on some recursive code in a WinForms app that followed these basic steps: Show a form If the return status was a certain value, show another form If the return status from the … Continue reading 

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ZenTest+Autospec Is An RSpec TDDer’s Best Friend

In all the time that I’ve been using RSpec (almost a year now), I never knew about the zentest or autospec tools until I was recently watching a code kata that was using Ruby and RSpec. … so, now I … Continue reading 

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