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Easy To Read != Easy To Understand

I ran into this code a while back: 1: public abstract class ScanPrefixSpecification : IScanSpecification 2: { 3: public abstract IEnumerable<string> BarcodePrefixesFilter { get; } 4: 5: public bool IsSatisfiedBy(string item) 6: { 7: return BarcodePrefixesFilter.Where(item.StartsWith).Any(); 8: } 9:  10: … Continue reading 

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I’ll Buy An iPad When …

no, really… I’m actually interested in buying an iPad… but under very specific circumstances. Here’s the app that I want, that would make me shell out $500 for an iPad: a remote whiteboard app that transmits my drawing on the … Continue reading 

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Work In Process (WIP) Limits, Policies, Etc.

I had a great discussion a few of my team members this morning. We were discussion work in process (WIP) limits, policies, and other items that are related to both of those. By the end of the discussion we had … Continue reading 

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Git: Oops. I Forgot To Add Those New Files Before Committing

I do this pretty regularly… working away, adding files, finish something up and commit. Only after I commit do I realize that I forgot to add the new files to git. This always frustrated me with subversion because it meant … Continue reading 

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Git: D’oh! I Meant To Create A New Branch First!

Yesterday I ran into a situation with git where I was working away on some code, finished what I was doing and committed the changes. Immediately after making the commit, I realized that I was still sitting in my master … Continue reading 

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Albacore Feature Preview: Building C# Code With CSC.exe

I’ve been meaning to do this for a very long time… it’s been asked for multiple times and it’s been on my list of things to do for a very long time… but it’s finally happening! I’m finally putting a … Continue reading 

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