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Vendor Lock-In Vs. Best Of Breed Tools

I posted the bulk of this on the Albacore group as a reason for my wanting to take Albacore down to it’s “core” as a suite of build related tasks (which I talked about in the Preview1 post). However, I … Continue reading 

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How To Build Custom Rake Tasks; The Right Way

A long time ago (last year) I wrote a few blog posts that talked about how I was going about creating some custom rake tasks. This turned out to be the beginning of my albacore project and I’ve been working … Continue reading 

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Why Is Git Trying To Delete My Project Folder?!

NO! I do NOT want you do delete my project… what’s going on here? why is git trying to delete my project folder?

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Albacore v0.2.0 Preview 1 Is Available

A few days ago I pushed a preview version of Albacore up to RubyGems. The intention of doing a preview release was to show everyone the new direction that Albacore is heading and to get feedback from the community on … Continue reading 

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I Bought An iPad… And I’m Returning It.

A while back I posted that I would buy an iPad when I found a very specific type of app for it. Well I found that app thanks to the comments on the blog post and I’ve had my iPad … Continue reading 

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