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Ruby v1.9.2 On Windows: can’t find executable rake for rake-0.8.7

FYI – I saw this question over on StackOverflow and did a little bit of searching for the problem and workarounds. In searching for an answer, I found issue #3677 on the ruby-lang redmine site. It turns out there’s a … Continue reading 

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Parsing A Hash Tree (Or Object Graph) Using The Maybe Monad In Ruby

I was playing around with the maybe monad that I wrote in my last post, and it occurred to me that I might be able to parse out a object graph and grab a value from that graph with the … Continue reading 

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The Maybe Monad In Ruby

Just for fun, I decided to see what a monad would look like in ruby. I chose to use the Maybe monad since that’s what I used in my previous post on monads in C#. Here’s what I came up … Continue reading 

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A Less Ugly Switch Statement For C#

I know switch statements are considered “evil” because they are very procedural code, they violate the Open-Closed Principle, etc etc. But every now and then I don’t see a need to do anything more than a switch statement because the … Continue reading 

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Technical Debt Is Like Your Friend, The Mafia Bookie

You’ve known the guy for years… he’s your friend and you’ve never had any troubles in spite of his job. Then one day, you’re hard up for some money to pay rent or get a car repair done. Fortunately your … Continue reading 

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