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Replicating My OSX Terminal In Win7 with Git Bash (MinGW32) and Pik

After getting my OSX Terminal prompt all set up and loving it, I decided I wanted to have the same basic prompt in my Win7 virtual machine when I use a Git Bash (MinGW32) shell w/ MSysGit. Here’s what I … Continue reading 

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My OSX Terminal Prompt (Reposted from Tumblr)

I wanted to post this on LosTechies, originally, but I didn’t have a good blogging tool at the time. I’m using MarsEdit now, and it seems to do what I want… but I digress…   My OSX Terminal Prompt I … Continue reading 

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Evaluating Alternatives vs Reacting To Differences

Have you ever noticed that we tend to “evaluate” new products and services through the perspective of the existing products and services that we use? We compare feature implementations and making judgements on whether or not the implementations are the … Continue reading 

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Cost vs. Risk In Testing

There was a bit of interesting discussion on twitter this morning, concerning the cost of test-first vs. risk. Here’s the visual version of what I’m saying: The premise behind the value of test-first is that we will wash out (or … Continue reading 

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A Response To “What Is An Interface” By John Sonmez

this started out as a very lengthy reply to john sonmez’ post on What Is An Interface. There’s enough that I want to say that I think it warrants me posting on my blog instead of blogging in his comment … Continue reading 

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SOLID Motivational Calendar

The LosTechies crew and I were never able to get a calendar or t-shirts or anything else made for the SOLID Motivational Posters that I put together a long time ago. But Steve Smith (@ardalis) and the NimblePros crew stepped … Continue reading 

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Becoming An Independent Consultant

After one year of a working with an amazing team and a great company at TrackAbout (well, 361 days. 4 days shy of a year), I am moving on. Starting on Monday, November 15th, I will be a self-employed consultant! … Continue reading 

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