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Validating Xml Against XSD Schema In IronRuby

There’s a thousand examples of how to validate an xml document against an xsd schema in C# around the web, but I had a hard time finding one that worked in IronRuby. So I translated some of the C# examples … Continue reading 

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How To Have Bundler Load A Gem From The Vendor Folder Into A Rails 3 App

I have a rails 3 app that needs some specific functionality that is built into a gem. Unfortunately, the current gem that is published on only works with rails 2. I was able to get the gem to work … Continue reading 

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Git: D’OH! I didn’t want to delete that branch!

In the process of writing up the previous blog post, I accidentally deleted my “bioreference” branch, with no current commit pointing to it. To illustrate, my repository went from this: to this: All of my commits appear to be gone… … Continue reading 

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Git: Oops! I didn’t mean to commit on that remote tracking branch!

I’ve talked about 2 very similar situations in the past. This is just a small variation, but I still find it useful enough to make another small post. I’m using the same checkout and reset commands that I’ve shown before. … Continue reading 

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Hiding Sensitive Information With A Base64 Encoded Dictionary And Binary Serialization

I’ve been back in C# land for the last few weeks writing a small Winforms application that runs from a USB thumb drive.   Need To Hide Some Data? We have a need to store some slightly-sensitive information that changes … Continue reading 

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Good Refactoring / Patterns For Simple UI Logic?

I’ve got a chunk of C# that sits inside of a very simple form. The form downloads an update from a web page – one of two possible downloads, based on which one is available – and shows a message … Continue reading 

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