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What’s your favorite part of software development, and why?

I love solving problems and making the lives and/or jobs of others easier. I have a natural fascination with puzzles, electronics and tools combined with a deep seeded need to create and combine things in different ways. This is part … Continue reading 

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Keep Your Demo Data Separate From Your Seed Data

File this under the “duh…” category… I don’t know why this wasn’t obvious. Joey and I have been working on our rather large app for a while now, with a bunch of demo accounts and data added with our seed … Continue reading 

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Mongoid: Don’t Name A Field :options

Joey and I spent the last day or more upgrading our rails environment, specifically so that we could get from Mongoid v2.0.0.Beta.20 up to v2.0.1. In general, the upgrade went ok… with the exception of the Mongoid upgrade. There are … Continue reading 

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Converting A Range And A Value Into A Scaled Value, With A Nice Background Color

I’m working on a web app that receives HL7 formatted medical data through my import utility that I’ve talked about a lot, recently. Once I receive those results, I have to parse them out of the file and then display … Continue reading 

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Deploying A Thor Application With Vlad, From Github, Run As A Cron Job

The previous 4 blog posts, in combination with a few others, have basically been a series of posts all leading up to this one. If you read them all in the right order (and possibly a few of the links … Continue reading 

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Using Mongo And Mongoid Without Rails

In my previous post on writing a thor application, I mentioned the use of mongo db and the mongoid document mapper, and how I am using these tools outside the context of a rails application. As I mentioned in that … Continue reading 

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