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Knockout Style Data-Bind Attributes For Backbone

Hot on the heels of my Backbone.ModelBinding plugin release, I pushed a significant update out to the github repository. Included in this release is the rest of the form input types, including radio button groups, select boxes, etc (be sure … Continue reading 

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Hipster Git Commands: Git Stache

We’re all familiar with ‘git stash’ – the ability to store changes in a special working folder without committing them to the repository. Well… thanks to a tweet by Jimmy Bogard, we now have the hipster version: git stache (image … Continue reading 

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Awesome Model Binding For Backbone.js

A few weeks ago, Brandon Satrom introduced me to Knockout.js by pointing me to a video by Steve Sanderson. I haven’t had a chance to try KO, yet, but I have to say I was blown away by the data-binding … Continue reading 

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A Better Team: Arrogance And Accepting Your Own Strengths

My wife and I went to a 5 Guys burgers for lunch today. She’s a vegetarian, so we don’t go there very often. They do have a grilled cheese which she likes, but you can only get that so many … Continue reading 

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References, Routing, And The Event Aggregator: Coordinating Views In Backbone.js

I recently found myself needing to facilitate communication between two backbone views. The first view is a medication – one that is currently being taken by a particular patient. The second view is the add/edit view that allows the patient … Continue reading 

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