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Don’t Limit Your Backbone Apps To Backbone Constructs

I’ve noticed a pattern in Backbone sample apps, requests for help via StackOverflow and the Google group, etc, where people realize that they have a need for an object that coordinates various parts of the application. This is a great … Continue reading 

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Don’t Execute A Backbone.js Route Handler From Your Code

I was working on a sample Backbone.js application and I ran into a scenario that seemed like it should have been simple on the surface, but was causing me a tremendous amount of headache. Here’s the basic functionality that I … Continue reading 

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Enabling And Disabling A Button With Backbone.ModelBinding

This is a follow-up post to my previous post on how to enable and disable a button with backbone. I showed a working solution in that version, but there are a few things about it that I don’t like. After … Continue reading 

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A Simple Example For Backbone.ModelBinding

I received a question via Github, asking if I had any simple, functional examples of my Backbone.ModelBinding plugin. After looking back through my blog posts and the documentation for it, I realized I did not. So, I whipped one up … Continue reading 

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Testing Out Embedding Of JSFiddle

This is mostly just a test to see if I can get a JSFiddle embedded into my blog post. The fiddle is a small backbone app that I’ve been playing with, to try out some different architectural ideas. It’s nothing … Continue reading 

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Stop Using Backbone As If It Were A Stateless Web Server

In the web development world with MVC based back-end servers, nearly everything is kicked off with routes. Look at rails for example. If you want a list of items, you hit /items and the router executes the index method on … Continue reading 

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