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Is JavaScript’s “Global” Scope Really Just A Closure?

I hear a lot of talk about how it’s a performance penalty to use globally scoped variables in JavaScript (not to mention, dangerous / dumb). When a function looks for a variable, it checks the current scope, then it checks … Continue reading 

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Backbone vs Knockout

There’s an unfortunate dichotomy of “Backbone vs Knockout” floating around these days. It’s mostly in the .NET space where Knockout tends to get the most attention but I’ve heard others mention this, too. It’s an unfortunate argument, though.┬áBoth libraries are … Continue reading 

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The Kindle Fire

I pre-ordered my Kindle Fire and it showed up at my house the day after launch. I’ve been using it moderately for a little more than half a week now, and I have to say that I really like it. … Continue reading 

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Is There An Idiomatic Command Pattern Implementation For JavaScript?

I’ve been looking for a JavaScript Command Pattern implementation for a while now. If you google that term (or click that link) you’ll find a handful or more, that I simply don’t like. Granted, the implementations that I’ve found do … Continue reading 

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Introduction To Composite JavaScript Apps

One of the projects I’m working on for a client makes heavy use of Backbone.js to run functionality in the browser. The back end system is built on ASP.NET MVC with an evolving CQRS based architecture. In order to keep … Continue reading 

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Jasmine-BDD: A Screencast On The Standalone Test Runner

My 2nd screencast at is now online, and is free! WatchMeCode Episode 2: The Jasmine Standalone Runner In this episode, I cover the basics of JavaScript testing with the Jasmine-BDD test framework, showing how to install and use the … Continue reading 

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Backbone.js: Object Literals, Views Events, jQuery, and `el`

I’ve seen this question in various forms on StackOverflow, more than a few times: Why aren’t my view event callbacks are being fired? or My view events won’t fire. What am I doing wrong? or My view’s `el` is empty? … Continue reading 

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The Evolution Of A Site’s Design

Site design is an evolutionary process, like anything else. As new and updated information is needed on the site, the design must change to correctly display it. New functionality is also added on a regular basis, and things must be … Continue reading 

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Learning Haskel For Fun (and profit?)

I found a little spare time recently, so I started learning Haskell via I’m learning it specifically because it’s completely foreign to me. I’ve never done any functional programming and I wanted to bend my mind around and see … Continue reading 

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