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The Responsibilities Of The Various Pieces Of Backbone.js

In my last post on Backbone, I offered my opinion on why I don’t look at Backbone as an MVC framework. I left off with a statement about forgetting the MV* family for a moment, and focusing on what’s really … Continue reading 

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Automating Docco Generation And Deployment To Heroku And Github

I got tired of manually typing “git push origin master” and “git push heroku master” to push changes in my BBCloneMail app up to Github and then deploy to Heroku. So I automated that with a rake task. Then I … Continue reading 

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Backbone.js Is Not An MVC Framework

I’ve seen this question / statement / argument more than a few dozen times. I don’t particularly care whether or not people try to understand Backbone in terms of MVC frameworks, because that’s how we learn. We adapt new ideas … Continue reading 

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Composite JavaScript Applications With Backbone And Backbone.Marionette

Although I’ve mentioned it in this blog already, and have been tweeting about it, we’ll call this the official announcement for my new Backbone.Marionette library. Backbone.Marionette: Make your BackboneJS apps dance with a composite application structure! Why? Over the last … Continue reading 

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Searching With A BackboneJS Collection

In my last post on composite JS apps, I mentioned needing a search and search results section of my app. I’m starting off with a very simple search box that will let a user enter a name or description of … Continue reading 

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Annotated Source Code As Documentation, With Docco

With the first bits of my Backbone.Marionette plugin being available on Github now, I wanted to try out the Backbone-style of annotated source code as documentation. I like the way Backbone has this set up, and I often refer to … Continue reading 

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Composite JS Apps: Regions And Region Managers

In my previous post on Composite JavaScript Apps, I introduced a few of the high level design ideas and implementation details that I have been using in an application that I’m building. Since then, the requirements for that app have … Continue reading 

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Achieving Block Scope With Immediate Functions In JavaScript

I was digging around on twitter and I found a great comment from @BenAtExocortex: “Javascript has no block scope (!) but one can use self-executing functions instead (as Javascript has function scope.)” What Ben is referring to is that JavaScript … Continue reading 

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