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Cleaning Out Git Remotes The Easy Way

I had a rather large number of remote repositories set up in my Backbone.ModelBinding repository on my box, due to the wonderful community of contributors. But it was time for me to clean out the remotes as I no longer … Continue reading 

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Don’t Rely Solely On jQuery’s “keyup” Event

A few days ago I pushed some changes to the form validation up to my WatchMeCode website. I was trying to fix a scenario where a browser cache would have some of the data in the purchase form already filled … Continue reading 

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Modularity And Security In Composite JavaScript Apps

In one of my current apps for a client, I have an activity based security system that determines what the user is allowed to do. The trick to this system is that all of the authorization checks happen on the … Continue reading 

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Rant: That’s Not Rest.

I’ve asked for an explanation, definition, blog post, book, or any other source of material that can get me up to speed on REST in web development a number of times. It’s a popular subject these days, and there seems … Continue reading 

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Some Thoughts On Functional JavaScript

Just for fun I decided to put together a quick sample of some functional JavaScript – as in, functional programming done with JavaScript. I’m not really very familiar with functional languages other than playing with Haskell a bit and doing … Continue reading 

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HTML5 And Internet Explorer: Modernizr To The Rescue!

My wife wanted to see my WatchMeCode website so she could post it on her Pinterest (which is a site I don’t understand… but that’s beyond the point). IE Hates HTML5 She pulled it up on her work laptop, which … Continue reading 

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Composition Of Responsibility vs Interface Implementation

This started out a comment in a Google+ stream, which is in response to the brujahahahahalols that have been going around concerning ActiveRecord, FubuMVC and Rails. I’m not defending any of these posts or perspectives. I have my own opinions … Continue reading 

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Reducing Backbone Routers To Nothing More Than Configuration

I received an email from someone who was looking through my BBCloneMail and Backbone.Marionette source code. One of the comments they made talked about how my router callback methods were nothing more than pass-throughs, calling out to another object. (I … Continue reading 

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