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EmberJS Documentation

So, it turns out EmberJS has better documentation than I thought: It’s still not “complete” but it’s a giant leap forward compared to what little documentation I was able to find on and the Github project.¬†The real problem, … Continue reading 

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Recent Interviews On Podcasts

In case you’ve missed my tweets about this, I’ve done a few interviews on some podcasts recently. Herding Code: BackboneJS Herding Code Episode 133 From the site: In this episode, the guys talk with Derick Bailey (consultant and founder of … Continue reading 

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Handling DOM Events With EmberJS Views And Controllers

Hot on the heels of picking up Ember and starting to learn it, I think I’ve actually learned something useful! I certainly hope I have, at least. Otherwise, I’m going to be in trouble soon. In my EmberCloneMail app, I … Continue reading 

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EmberJS: Initial Impressions (Compared To Backbone)

Hey! This article references a pre-release version of Ember.js. Now that Ember.js has reached a 1.0 API the code samples below are no longer correct and the expressed opinions may no longer be accurate. Just keep that in mind when … Continue reading 

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Using jQuery, Plugins and UI Controls With Backbone

Most Backbone applications either use jQuery or Zepto as their DOM manipulation of choice. I tend to use jQuery as it’s supported across more browsers and has more features – though it is a little heavier in terms of download … Continue reading 

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Asynchronously Load HTML Templates For Backbone Views

UPDATE: It turns out this is a really bad idea. Don’t async fetch individual templates. In the end, having done asynchronous fetching of individual templates on a few productions apps, it’s a really bad idea. The network latency and multiple … Continue reading 

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Rewriting My ‘Guaranteed Callbacks’ Code With jQuery Deferred

In a previous post, I showed some code that I wrote to guarantee the execution of a callback method after a Backbone collection was loaded. Even if you added the callback after the collection had been loaded, it would run.¬†Shortly … Continue reading 

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3 Stages Of A Backbone Application’s Startup

Most Backbone application examples that you find on the web are very small and very simple. They tend to use a very simple idea of an application “init” method to start up a router and have the router kick off … Continue reading 

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Get A Model From A Backbone Collection Without Knowing If The Collection Is Loaded

In working with a client recently, we ran in to a rather sticky situation. We were setting up a route to “persons/:id”, and as you would expect, we wanted to load the person in question and display the details of … Continue reading 

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JavaScript File & Folder Structures: Just Pick One

Rails wants you to put specific files in specific folder structures, based on the object type that will be in the file. Java demands that files in a folder structure are namespaced by that folder structure. VisualStudio also makes it … Continue reading 

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