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Proxies And Decorators In JavaScript

Proxies and Decorators are both design patterns in software development – recipes that┬áprovide common solution to common problems. I largely group Proxies and Decorators in to the same category and use them interchangeably because the implementation between them is 99% … Continue reading 

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Providing Synchronous / Asynchronous Flexibility With jQuery.when

I’ve quickly become a fan of jQuery’s Deferred / Promise features. They’ve been around for a little bit now, but I only recent started using them and they’ve helped me solve a number of problems with my asynchronous JavaScript code. … Continue reading 

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Managing Layouts And Nested Views With Backbone.Marionette

I’ve received numerous questions about managing layouts and nested views in Backbone over the last few months. Until recently, though, I never had a great answer. Many of the applications that I’ve built had a lot of custom code to … Continue reading 

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TrafficCop: A jQuery Plugin To Limit AJAX Requests For A Resource

A while back, I wrote about asynchronous template loading for Backbone applications. At the bottom of that post, I showed some code that I wrote which would limit the number of AJAX calls that are made to the server, to … Continue reading 

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Backbone.js And JavaScript Garbage Collection

A question was asked on Stack Overflow recently, and I provided an answer that I think is worth re-blogging here (while cleaning up the text / grammar).┬áMy answer goes in to a little bit of the idea behind a garbage … Continue reading 

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Resizing KendoUI Splitter To Fill Screen Vertically

I dropped the jQuery.Layout plugin in favor of KendoUI’s Splitter control yesterday. Kendo’s Splitter is just so much easier to use and more flexible. It was a no-brainer for me, really. But I ran in to a problem: how to … Continue reading 

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