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A WinJS SpecRunner: Automating Script Tag Insertion For Unit Tests

Writing unit tests with Mocha or Jasmine is generally pretty easy. Once you have a test runner set up, it’s not much different than any other JavaScript environment, really. But the trick to this is getting a test runner set … Continue reading 

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A Guest Appearance On Tekpub’s Knockout.js Series

Tekpub release their series on Knockout.js recently and I was fortunate enough to make a guest appearance! Now I know you’re thinking “why would Derick make an appearance in a Knockout series?!” But don’t worry – I’m not there to … Continue reading 

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Jasmine.Async: Making Asynchronous Testing With Jasmine Suck Less

I love Jasmine. It’s a great BDD-style testing framework for browser based JavaScript, and my preferred tool for doing that kind of work. But the asynchronous testing story in Jasmine is painful at best. Jasmine’s Async Is Painful Here’s a short example of … Continue reading 

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Asynchronous Unit Tests With Mocha, Promises, And WinJS

Before I get in to the guts of this post, you need to read Christopher Bennage’s post on how we have our Mocha test suite set up for our Win8 / WinJS project. It’s not the best setup, but it … Continue reading 

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It’s Not Always “All Or Nothing”

Have you ever been terrified to try something? Not because you don’t think you would enjoy it, but because it’s new, different, scary and potentially dangerous? Or because you see one potential path – the easy path – that it … Continue reading 

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Hands-on Backbone.js Screencasts

I’ve been talking about this for what seems like an eternity in Internet time: earlier this week my 4 part screencast series on Backbone.js was released through PragProg! It’s a hands-on, no-fluff walk through of all the major parts of … Continue reading 

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