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Abstraction: The Rule Of Three

I often hear people say something like “if you need it once, build it. If you need it twice, abstract it.” People often say then in the context of the “DRY” – or Don’t Repeat Yourself – principle. In theory … Continue reading 

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JavaScript Mixins: Beyond Simple Object Extension

Mixins are generally easy in JavaScript, though they are semantically different than what Ruby calls a Mixin which are facilitated through inheritance behind the scenes. If you need a good place to start to understand how to build mixins with … Continue reading 

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Backbone.EventBinder: Better Event Management For Your Backbone Apps

One of my most popular blog posts in recent history is my Zombies! RUN! post where I outline the possibility and problem of memory leaks and “zombie” views and other objects in Backbone applications. There’s a good chance, in fact, … Continue reading 

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