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Some Notes On Screencasting

I put together some notes for my team, on building some screencasts. I thought they came out fairly well, so I wanted to share with the rest of the world. ┬áNote that these are my opinions based on the work … Continue reading 

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Building Sample Apps in Ruby, NodeJS and PHP

In the last three years I’ve gone from full time .NET development to full time Ruby on Rails and then full time JavaScript. It’s been an awesome ride, so far, but it’s not done yet. I started digging in to … Continue reading 

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MarionetteJS Screencasts And Videos

There’s been a lot of movement with MarionetteJS and screencasts in the last few months – enough that I decided to add a new “videos” section to the website this weekend. It’s a short list right now, but I expect … Continue reading 

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Managing Events As Relationships, Not Just References

In my Scaling Backbone Apps With Marionette talk, I have some slides that deal with JavaScript zombies in Backbone apps. This isn’t a new subject by any means. It is one that I talk about a lot, and spend a … Continue reading 

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Interview With Upfront Podcast: Backbone And Marionette

I was fortunate enough to be the first guest on the Upfront Podcast this week. It’s a new podcast hosted by Jack Franklin and Ben Howdle, focused on all things front-end web development. You’re going to want to add this … Continue reading 

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