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Slap-Slides: Arduino Powered Veggie Chopper Slide Deck Controller

A few weeks ago I half-jokingly tweeted about my desire to turn a SlapChop in to a presentation controller … like I said … “half-jokingly” I give you the Slap-Slides, proof of concept! (no audio) <iframe> The code is written … Continue reading 

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Prosthetics And Orthotics: Building Backbone Plugins

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away…  It was almost a year ago that I announced a book on building Backbone.js plugins. Since then… nothing. Well I finally got tired of sitting on it and over the … Continue reading 

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A First Look At My Arduino BBQ Thermometer

I’ve uploaded a first look at the Arduino powered BBQ thermometer and software that I’m building. It’s using an Arduino Uno with Ethernet shield.  The probe is a 100K “meat probe” (aka “thermistor”) that I took from a store bought … Continue reading 

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