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SignalLeaf: Hacking A Podcast Audio Service Together

Yesterday (August 19th) was _whyDay – a day for hacking on new things, learning, and generally doing awesome things that you normally wouldn’t do for whatever reason. I’ve known about _whyDay for a few years now, but had never done … Continue reading 

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Inject Add-Ons And Plugins With RequireJS, Non-AMD Libraries And Shims

I’m using a few libraries that don’t have official support for AMD, in my current project with RequireJS. No problem – just shim the library in, and it’s good to go. Some of these libraries also need some add-ons and … Continue reading 

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My attempt to understand the dark side… err… AMD/RequireJS

Yes, it’s true. I’m finally building a full app with RequireJS, on my own. I’ve worked with it plenty in the past, but always on other people’s projects. I don’t have very many nice things to say about RequireJS, because … Continue reading 

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A Demo Of BoEBot, Johnny-Five And Bluetooth

I recently purchased and assembled a BoE Bot kit for Arduino. It’s a product from Parallax, but I purchased mine through SparkFun (my personal go-to site for Arduino and related stuff). After getting it assembled and calibrated, I started hacking … Continue reading 

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JavaScript’s “super” Pattern

Most other languages make it easy to call the “super” function when you override method – to call the original method that you are overriding. JavaScript, unfortunately, doesn’t have a “super” or “base” or anything like that at this point.There … Continue reading 

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