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Albacore v0.2.0 Preview 2 Is Available

I’ve pushed another preview release of albacore up to This release builds on the changes that I talked about in the Preview 1 Notes and adds (what I think is) some great new capabilities for contributors and end-users, both. … Continue reading 

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How To Build Custom Rake Tasks; The Right Way

A long time ago (last year) I wrote a few blog posts that talked about how I was going about creating some custom rake tasks. This turned out to be the beginning of my albacore project and I’ve been working … Continue reading 

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Albacore v0.2.0 Preview 1 Is Available

A few days ago I pushed a preview version of Albacore up to RubyGems. The intention of doing a preview release was to show everyone the new direction that Albacore is heading and to get feedback from the community on … Continue reading 

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Albacore Feature Preview: Building C# Code With CSC.exe

I’ve been meaning to do this for a very long time… it’s been asked for multiple times and it’s been on my list of things to do for a very long time… but it’s finally happening! I’m finally putting a … Continue reading 

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Albacore: Should We Continue To Support Ruby v1.8.6?

Ruby 1.8.6 seems to be an outdated version at this point… but I can’t find any official information on the life cycle and support plans for this version. I’d like to drop support for Ruby 1.8.6 from albacore, but I’m … Continue reading 

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Vim+Grep: Find All Occurrences Of Text In Your Project

I’m in the middle of some sweeping changes in albacore – changing the .path_to_command property to .command for all of the tasks that run an external tool. The core of the change is easy. I have a RunCommand module that … Continue reading 

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ZenTest+Autospec Is An RSpec TDDer’s Best Friend

In all the time that I’ve been using RSpec (almost a year now), I never knew about the zentest or autospec tools until I was recently watching a code kata that was using Ruby and RSpec. … so, now I … Continue reading 

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Running Ruby And Rake (and albacore) Without Installing Them

One of the more frequent complaints that I’ve heard about using Ruby and Rake to build .NET systems is that you have to install yet another framework and learn yet another language to be able to use it. In a … Continue reading 

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Albacore: All A-Twitter With A New Logo, Tag Line, And URL

There’s been a lot of fun things happening with Albacore over the holiday weekend. The Discussion Group First, there was the Google Groups announcement to coordinate the community. It’s taken off fairly well with our first call for help, and … Continue reading 

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Albacore: Come join the discussion!

There’s been a whirlwind of activity around the Albacore rake tasks recently. Steve Harman has started using it at VersionOne. Ben Hall has been contributing some great patches and tasks. My friends and former coworkers at my previous job are … Continue reading 

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