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A Basic YAML Config Module For Ruby

In the process of working with Albacore and creating a task to wrap around SQL Server’s SQLCmd.exe, I wanted to ensure that I could allow individual developers the ability to easily provide their own database server connection information, so that … Continue reading 

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Albacore: Breaking Changes In Location Of Executables

I was working on cleaning up Albacore this weekend, and I noted that both the NCoverConsole and MSBuild tasks in Albacore both require the location of the .exe, to execute. The MSBuild task defaults itself to the .NET 3.5 SP1 … Continue reading 

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Albacore AssemblyInfo Task vs. Nant Assembly Info Generator

Here’s one of the reasons I like Rake and my custom Rake tasks that I’m building into Albacore, so much. To generate some assembly information such as version, company name, copyright, etc., you need to do this with nant: 1: … Continue reading 

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Albacore: A Suite Of Rake Build Tasks For .NET Solutions

After my previous post on building a “real” rake task, I decided to dive in head first and learn how to get this stuff done. I chose to drive the tasks out via rspec, through a TDD process, and I … Continue reading 

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