Category Archives: Analytics vs Telerik Analytics (Eqatec): You Should Be Using Both

My previous post on using + Kendo UI to create an epic dashboard brought up a question of why I’m using instead of Telerik’s Analytics service (AKA “Eqatec”). While the two services are both in the analytics field, … Continue reading 

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An Epic Report/Dashboard With And Kendo UI DataViz

A while back, I wrote a post on the idea of a minimum viable report – basically, just using simple NodeJS files that I run from the command line and console.log stuff out so that I can see the information … Continue reading 

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Zero Percent in Google Analytics Site Overlay

I was recently looking at a Google Analytics Site Overlay (a very nice feature if you haven’t seen it before) and noticed that almost all links are showing up as 0% click-through. I know this couldn’t be the case because … Continue reading 

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A Different Type of R and R

I received an insert in the mail today and while it was aimed towards something much different than software development, I thought the idea was still relevant. The flyer came with my quarterly retirement savings statement and read as follows: … Continue reading 

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