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Semantics, Modules And Testing: Why (And How) I Test Internal Components, Not Private Methods

I saw someone tweet about a new-ish JavaScript library called Autooc. recently. I had not heard of it, so I clicked the link to find out more. It looks like an interesting project. I’ll have to look at it further … Continue reading 

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Prototypes, Constructor Functions And Taxidermy

When overriding the base `Backbone.View` to create your own view types from the base views, there are some issues that you may run in to with inheritance. The inheritance of constructor functions can be broken in strange ways, and code … Continue reading 

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My Smart Phone Made Me Dumb. I Fixed It.

I’ve been one of the many millions of people addicted to my phone, in the last 4 or 5 years – constantly pulling it out to check … something… anything… twitter, Google+, email, the weather or news… anything to get … Continue reading 

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Event Aggregator And/Or/vs Mediator: A Tale Of Two Patterns

Design patterns often differ only in semantics and intent. That is, the language used to describe the pattern is what sets it apart, more than an implementation of that specific pattern. It often comes down to squares vs rectangles vs … Continue reading 

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Tips On Submitting A Conference Session

In the last 3 or so years, I’ve had every conference submission I’ve entered, rejected. Now that doesn’t mean I haven’t spoken at any conferences – I’ve been invited to a handful and have had a ton of fun at … Continue reading 

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On Testing “Trivial Code”

I can’t resist jumping on the band-wagon and telling people that they’re wrong, so here goes… :D Mark “Ploeh” Seemann wrote a post on testing trivial code. There have been several responses saying he’s wrong and that you shouldn’t test … Continue reading 

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Method Rewriting: Running With A Lit Stick Of Dynamite

I had a problem I wanted to solve. I thought to myself, “I know! I’ll use function rewriting!” and it was good… I solved the problem. But I also introduced some other problems regarding method references and event handlers.  Method … Continue reading 

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You Are Not Paid To Write Software

I saw the phrase “I’m paid to write software, not tests” recently, and it drove me up the wall crazy. I hate this phrase and all of the misleading, misinformation that it spews. This phrase is not only false, it’s fallacy. … Continue reading 

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Dear Open Source Project Leader: Quit Being A Jerk

I do my best to support the people that use my open source projects. I don’t always do things right, I don’t always respond in a timely manner. Sometimes I just have to walk away from an issue or request … Continue reading 

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Abstraction: The Rule Of Three

I often hear people say something like “if you need it once, build it. If you need it twice, abstract it.” People often say then in the context of the “DRY” – or Don’t Repeat Yourself – principle. In theory … Continue reading 

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