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Anders Hejlsberg Is Right: You Cannot Maintain Large Programs In JavaScript

There’s a quote over on a Channel 9 video of Anders Hejlsberg: Erik Meijer: Are you saying you cannot write large programs in JavaScript? Anders Hejlsberg: No, you can write large programs in JavaScript. You just can’t maintain them. With … Continue reading 

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Modeling Explicit Workflow With Code, In JavaScript And Backbone Apps

This post has been revised and reposed on blog.   A long time ago, in what seems to be a previous life at this point, I wrote a small blog post about modeling and creating an explicit return value … Continue reading 

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JavaScript File & Folder Structures: Just Pick One

Rails wants you to put specific files in specific folder structures, based on the object type that will be in the file. Java demands that files in a folder structure are namespaced by that folder structure. VisualStudio also makes it … Continue reading 

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Don’t Limit Your Backbone Apps To Backbone Constructs

I’ve noticed a pattern in Backbone sample apps, requests for help via StackOverflow and the Google group, etc, where people realize that they have a need for an object that coordinates various parts of the application. This is a great … Continue reading 

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Don’t Execute A Backbone.js Route Handler From Your Code

I was working on a sample Backbone.js application and I ran into a scenario that seemed like it should have been simple on the surface, but was causing me a tremendous amount of headache. Here’s the basic functionality that I … Continue reading 

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Stop Using Backbone As If It Were A Stateless Web Server

In the web development world with MVC based back-end servers, nearly everything is kicked off with routes. Look at rails for example. If you want a list of items, you hit /items and the router executes the index method on … Continue reading 

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A Better Team: Arrogance And Accepting Your Own Strengths

My wife and I went to a 5 Guys burgers for lunch today. She’s a vegetarian, so we don’t go there very often. They do have a grilled cheese which she likes, but you can only get that so many … Continue reading 

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Sometimes It’s Better To Use A Ruby Hash Than Create A Custom Class

The Eloquent Ruby book talks about the use of hashes and arrays vs classes. One of the things it covers is how hashes and arrays are often used by experienced ruby developers in place of custom classes. Coming from a … Continue reading 

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Don’t Do Role-Based Authorization Checks; Do Activity-Based Checks

I’ve built a few dozen security mechanisms in my career. Unfortunately, I kept getting it wrong, hence the need to keep building them. Over the years, though, I learned a number of different ways that a security system can be … Continue reading 

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Don’t Worry About Where To Start. Just Start.

When writing a blog post or an article, the most horrifying thing in the world is the blank page. Where do I start? How do I make sure to capture interest to keep people reading? Should I talk about ??? … Continue reading 

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