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Don’t Limit Your Backbone Apps To Backbone Constructs

I’ve noticed a pattern in Backbone sample apps, requests for help via StackOverflow and the Google group, etc, where people realize that they have a need for an object that coordinates various parts of the application. This is a great … Continue reading 

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How do you handle simple pub-sub, evented architecture in rails apps?

I’ve been asking this question in various forms, via twitter, for a few days now. I’ve received a number of answers from people and have spent some time talking with Jak Charlton about the patterns that I would have used … Continue reading 

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Rhino Mocks: Recursion And Multiple Return Values From Stubs

A coworker and I were recently working on some recursive code in a WinForms app that followed these basic steps: Show a form If the return status was a certain value, show another form If the return status from the … Continue reading 

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Form Management: Tight Or Incorrect Coupling Can Cause Hard To Find Bugs

A coworker and I ran into this code in some of our WinForms in our Compact Framework (.net 3.5) application: 1: public class LaunchForm: Form 2: { 3: //a bunch of other form/view related stuff 4:  5: private void Login() … Continue reading 

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Adding Request / Reply To The Application Controller

Back in December of 2009 I had a post on using various messaging patterns within an application controller as part of an application’s architecture. One of the patterns that I distinctly left out was request/reply. At the time I had … Continue reading 

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Coupling Is Your Friend

My SOLID article in Code Magazine talks about the concept of coupling as one of the object oriented principles that we are striving to get right. “Coupling is not inherently evil. If you don’t have some amount of coupling, your … Continue reading 

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Application Events: Modeling Selection vs De-Selection as Separate Events?

I’m using my Event Aggregator in my current project to manage communication between a custom control and it’s parent form. This is the same control I talked about in my CQRS Performance Engineering post. It has several drop down lists … Continue reading 

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Understanding The Application Controller Through Object Messaging Patterns

Earlier in the year, I posted a few times on the Application Controller pattern that I was implementing, including some workflow service related posts, all leading up to the presentation on decoupling workflow from forms that I gave at Austin … Continue reading 

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Result<T>: Directing Workflow With A Return Status And Value

I often code user interfaces that have some sort of cancel button on them. For example, in my upcoming ‘Decoupling Workflow’ presentation, I have the following screen: Notice the nice cancel button on the form. The trick to this situation … Continue reading 

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Decoupling Workflow And Forms With An Application Controller

One of the big problems I’ve been trying to solve recently, is in my current WinForms application that using a Model-View-Presenter setup. I have my workflow between forms coupled to the forms directly. That is, in order to get from … Continue reading 

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