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A Better Team: Arrogance And Accepting Your Own Strengths

My wife and I went to a 5 Guys burgers for lunch today. She’s a vegetarian, so we don’t go there very often. They do have a grilled cheese which she likes, but you can only get that so many … Continue reading 

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Knowing when to ask

It doesn’t matter how much experience you have, what your title is, or whether you are considered a leader in the team / project / company. If you don’t know yourself and when you need to ask questions, you’re going … Continue reading 

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All Solved Problems Are Easy

I wanted to post a witty retort to something I saw on a website today. I wanted to write about how the people experiencing a particular problem were just doing it wrong and explain how simple this thing really was … Continue reading 

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Using ROI As A Constraint, Not An End In Itself

I had a fun conversation over instant messenger yesterday. The original subject matter revolved around a problem that the other person was having and how that problem was consuming a number of minutes per day with repetitive, tedious work. At … Continue reading 

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Are We Continuously Improving Or Just Continuously Changing?

Don’t confuse activity – even when it has a visible, measurable effect – with productivity. Without a clear picture of where we are going and why, our best efforts at improvement (though they may be ‘continuous’ efforts) are likely to … Continue reading 

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Active vs. Activist

Update: There’s a now apparent disconnect between what I intended in this post, and what it came across as. The poor choice of labels and tasteless examples are getting in the way of what I was trying to say. My … Continue reading 

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A Failed Opportunity To Coach, Teach, And Help Others Improve

A colleague in the nation of Pablo-The-Donkey asked a question on the LosTechies private mailing list: “Has anyone had experience with bringing agile into a workplace that has legacy code that hurts to touch, let alone wrap tests around and … Continue reading 

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