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Semantics, Modules And Testing: Why (And How) I Test Internal Components, Not Private Methods

I saw someone tweet about a new-ish JavaScript library called Autooc. recently. I had not heard of it, so I clicked the link to find out more. It looks like an interesting project. I’ll have to look at it further … Continue reading 

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Asynchronous Unit Tests With Mocha, Promises, And WinJS

Before I get in to the guts of this post, you need to read Christopher Bennage’s post on how we have our Mocha test suite set up for our Win8 / WinJS project. It’s not the best setup, but it … Continue reading 

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Want To Build Win8/WinJS Apps? You Need To Understand Promises.

If you’re not following me on Twitter, you may not know about my current project work. I’m working with Christopher Bennage and the Microsoft Patterns & Practices group to build a Windows 8, WinJS, Metro-style app with HTML, CSS and … Continue reading 

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