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How I Met My Dream Job, Left It, And Why I’m Returning To Build Products And Services

Something I heard recently seems appropriate right about now: “What’s the worst time to look for a job? When you need one.”    – (one of the presenters at CodeMash, 2014) There, And Back Again In 2010, I stumbled my … Continue reading 

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Moving Forward: KendoUI

Just over 2 years ago, I left the corporate life for the independent life. At that time I didn’t have many opportunities for work in my area and moving in to independent consulting was basically dropped in my lap. I … Continue reading 

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It’s Not Always “All Or Nothing”

Have you ever been terrified to try something? Not because you don’t think you would enjoy it, but because it’s new, different, scary and potentially dangerous? Or because you see one potential path – the easy path – that it … Continue reading 

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Becoming An Independent Consultant

After one year of a working with an amazing team and a great company at TrackAbout (well, 361 days. 4 days shy of a year), I am moving on. Starting on Monday, November 15th, I will be a self-employed consultant! … Continue reading 

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Some Consulting Wisdom I Picked Up

I did a consulting gig for a few years at a very large government institution and I picked up some wisdom about how to best serve the customer (even sometimes in spite of themselves), how to remain sane, and how … Continue reading 

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