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Debugging Cucumber Tests With Ruby-Debug

Today I ran into a scenario where I needed to step through some ruby code and examine the state of various objects in my rails app. I’ve used the ruby-debug gem a number of times to do exactly this. However, … Continue reading 

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Verifying Generated HTML With HAML, Cucumber, Capybara and RSpec

Several of the reports that the app that Joey and I are working on will be generated via HAML to be displayed in the app, for the users. The generated content will end up being HTML, but starts it’s life … Continue reading 

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Cucumber, A Brief Overview

Cucumber I’ve found Cucumber to be a pretty nice way of doing high level acceptance/integration testing. It’s also the first time I’ve ever thought that ATDD (acceptance test driven development) is actually achievable. The idea is that you write your … Continue reading 

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The Ruby/Rails Life – My Rails 3 Stack – Part 2

Rails Deployment & Testing There are some really nice tools available for deployment and testing rails. Below is a brief description of some of the ones I’ve been using with success. Capistrano I remember in the early days of my … Continue reading 

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