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Building An Email List Component With BackboneJS

In my post about re-launching myself in to the independent life, I talked a little bit about restarting my effort to complete my Building Backbone Plugins eBook. I’ve already started down the path, reviewing existing chapters and beginning to fill … Continue reading 

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How I Met My Dream Job, Left It, And Why I’m Returning To Build Products And Services

Something I heard recently seems appropriate right about now: “What’s the worst time to look for a job? When you need one.”    – (one of the presenters at CodeMash, 2014) There, And Back Again In 2010, I stumbled my … Continue reading 

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Let Me Teach You Arduino, With JavaScript!

Ever wanted an excuse to learn Arduino, but don’t want to learn C/C++? Don’t worry. I’ve got you covered.  I’ve published three articles on the Safari Books Online blog that show you how to take your existing JavaScript skillz and … Continue reading 

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Prototypes, Constructor Functions And Taxidermy

When overriding the base `Backbone.View` to create your own view types from the base views, there are some issues that you may run in to with inheritance. The inheritance of constructor functions can be broken in strange ways, and code … Continue reading 

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Theory Of Constraints: Productivity Metrics in Software Development

In the past, I’ve been a true believer that software development is not really possible to measure from a productivity perspective. I was ignorant, basically. I’m now a bit wiser and I understand that software development is no different than … Continue reading 

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Announcing Pablo’s E-Books! Book #1: Pablo’s SOLID Software Development

Hello World! I’m happy to announce the first Los Techies compiled, Pablo endorsed, E-Book: Pablo’s SOLID Software Development “S.O.L.I.D. is a collection of best-practice object-oriented design principles that you can apply to your design to accomplish various desirable goals like … Continue reading 

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