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Tips On Submitting A Conference Session

In the last 3 or so years, I’ve had every conference submission I’ve entered, rejected. Now that doesn’t mean I haven’t spoken at any conferences – I’ve been invited to a handful and have had a ton of fun at … Continue reading 

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Resources For, And How I Learned Backbone.js

I received an email from Mark Muskardin, today, asking me some questions centered around how I ramped up and learned backbone, and looking for some good resources, too. I’ve had similar questions a number of times in recent weeks, so … Continue reading 

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Failure Is Not An Option, It Is A Requirement.

Of course that statement on it’s own can obviously be shown to be fallacy. When you consider the context of continuous improvement, learning or generally advancing our own capabilities and understanding, though, this statement can be quit liberating. Why? Because … Continue reading 

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A Failed Opportunity To Coach, Teach, And Help Others Improve

A colleague in the nation of Pablo-The-Donkey asked a question on the LosTechies private mailing list: “Has anyone had experience with bringing agile into a workplace that has legacy code that hurts to touch, let alone wrap tests around and … Continue reading 

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Some Initial Thoughts On Agile Developer Skills And Certification

There’s a new mailing list over on Google Groups surrounding the ideas behind Agile Developer Skills Certification. After reading this post by Ron Jeffries, I joined up with the group and started reading the traffic. I generally share the same … Continue reading 

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What Do You Want To Know, About Kanban In Software Development?

I asked this question via Twitter a few minutes ago, and wanted to ask the non-twittering inter-web-o-blog-reading public: if I were to do an Intro To Kanban presentation for your team/company/local-user-group, what questions would you want answered? Let me know … Continue reading 

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How A .NET Developer Learned Ruby And Rake, To Build .NET Apps In Windows

I recently decided it was time for me to learn Ruby and Rake – with the specific goal of replacing my NAnt scripts in some projects, due to the high level of complexity and logic that I need in the … Continue reading 

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Why “No Issues” Is Not An Acceptable Answer

Many of the software development teams at my company now practice the daily standup from Scrum project management. There’s a lot of great value in these meetings, even if a team is not practicing anything else from Scrum. The Anti-Pattern … Continue reading 

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The Emergence Of Knowledge In Software Development

At this point in my career, I’m convinced that software development is an empirical process. That is, we cannot predict the exact shape, size, complexity, … or any of a number of other properties … of the software that we … Continue reading 

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