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Using jQuery, Plugins and UI Controls With Backbone

Most Backbone applications either use jQuery or Zepto as their DOM manipulation of choice. I tend to use jQuery as it’s supported across more browsers and has more features – though it is a little heavier in terms of download … Continue reading 

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HTML5 And Internet Explorer: Modernizr To The Rescue!

My wife wanted to see my WatchMeCode website so she could post it on her Pinterest (which is a site I don’t understand… but that’s beyond the point). IE Hates HTML5 She pulled it up on her work laptop, which … Continue reading 

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Tips For Using Backbone.js Routers With HTML5 PushState

IMPORTANT UPDATE! Jeremy Ashkenas pointed out that this won’t work in Internet Explorer (or other browsers that don’t support PushState). I had tested this, but apparently I didn’t hit the Back button in IE, in my testing. The Back button, … Continue reading 

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Backbone.js: Getting The Model For A Clicked Element

I see variations of these questions on StackOverflow quite frequently: I have an HTML element rendered for each model in my collection. How do I get the model for the item that I clicked? or I rendered all my models … Continue reading 

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SEO And Accessibility With HTML5 PushState, Part 3: The Video

Last weekend, I gave a presentation on HTML5 PushState using PushState, at Pablo’s Fiesta (I know, I know… a presentation at an open spaces conf. ya. :P) and David Ohara was kind enough to record it and upload it to … Continue reading 

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